CIGRE Symposium Ljubljana

41st CIGRE Symposium

The 41st CIGRE Symposium will be held between 21st and 24th of November 2021. This is exactly 100 years after the first CIGRE Paris Session, which was held on 21st November 1921.

Information concerning COVID-19

The 41st CIGRE Symposium is moved to November 2021 and is being prepared as the event after the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that throughout the 2021, the vaccination for the majority of the population will be carried out and normal living conditions will be established once again. The Syposium in November is planned to be face to face event with the option of hybrid-web participation for the attendees that won’t be able to join due to their country’s travelling restrictions.

You can register here: link

Let’s hope that CIGRE SYMPOSIUM in Ljubljana 2021 will be the first physically-present power conference in the world after the pandemic break.


Information concerning SC B2 Annual meeting

Dear SC B2 members,

We regret to inform you that SC B2 Annual meeting in Ljubljana due to COVID-19 pandemic situation is being cancelled. Organization in June would be risky according to present situation in Europe.

Next SC B2 meeting of study committee will be in Paris during Centennial CIGRE Session, 20.-25. August 2021.

Welcome word

On behalf of myself and the Slovenian National Committee, I am pleased to welcome you to the 41st CIGRE Symposium which will be held between 21st and 24th of November, 2021 in Ljubljana.

The symposium focuses on the future transformation of the electricity sector, the new framework of generation, transmission, distribution, and demand side. These changes will require new technologies, renewal of equipment and infrastructure for the electricity supply industry, and increased interactions with researchers and the general public. The changes on the development and operation of the future electric power sector are expected to be among the most serious in the entire history of the electric power system.

The Symposium will be oriented to new methods, technologies, materials and examples related to research of electric power industry equipment and infrastructure, involving generators, power transformers, transmission and distribution equipment, various technologies for cables, overhead lines, substations, protection, automation and testing techniques.

This symposium will be held 100 years after the establishment of the international organization of CIGRE and 40 years after the first CIGRE symposium.

The theme of the 41st CIGRE Symposium 2021 is: Reshaping the Electric Power System Infrastructure
The topics of the conference are:

    • Structural changes of existing equipment and infrastructure
    • New equipment and infrastructure
    • Security of the network
The symposium will be mainly attended by members of the following study committees: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, C3 and D1, where the leading study committees will be B5 and B2.
Symposium will be held in Grand Hotel Union which is located in Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia. Our main city has many interesting sights to offer. You can enjoy walk in the city center, visit the Cathedral of St. Nicholas or follow the path of medieval counts and dukes that lived on Ljubljana Castle. With its diverse architecture, friendly people and a lot of green spaces Ljubljana will not disappoint you.
I am looking forward to welcome you on 41st CIGRE Symposium 2021.
Best Regards,
Marko Hrast – Chairman CIGRE NC Slovenia
and the CIGRE NC Slovenia team