10 tutorials will be taking place on Sunday 21st November. Each tutorial will last 60-80 min. In every timeslot 3 tutorials will be presented parallel to each other – you can of course choose which one is the most interesting to you.

Times of tutorials will be anounced soon.

A1Challenges in the calculation and design of large power hydro generators in the 21st CenturyJohnny Rocha
A2Condition Assement of Power Transformers, WG A2.49, TB 761Marc Foata
A3Innovation and trends in T&D equipment
B1Implementation of Long HV AC and EHV cable systems (from TB 680)
B2Inspection and Testing of Equipment and Training for Live-Line Work on Overhead LinesBálint Németh
B3LPIT applications in HV Gas Insulated SwitchgearRobert Luescher
B4The application of DC/DC converters in DC transmission grids: conclusions of WG B4.76Dragan Jovcic, Oriol Gomis
B5Protection requirement on transient responce of digital acquision chain, WG B5.24Janez Zakonjšek
C3Environmental Issues of High Voltage Transmission Lines in Urban and Rural AreasHector Pearson, Aleš Kregar
D1Moisture Measurement in Insulating Fluids and Transformer Insulation – an Evaluation of Solid State Sensors and Chemical Methods, WG D1.52, TB 741Tim Gradnik