Technical Tours

OPTION 1: Pumped storage hydro Avče & wine cellar Dobrova

Pumped storage hydro plant PSH Avče is located in the west part of Slovenia next to Soča river. With its 180 MW of generation-mode capacity and 185 MW of motor-mode capacity this plant is essential for providing ancillary services to the Slovenian grid. The top water accumulation lake can store up to 2.2 million m3 of water, which is released to Soča river through 1,567 m long water tunel on to reversible turbine, which located 80 m below the surface. In this tour you’ll see the PSH Avče’s bottom facility (motor/generator room, underground water tunnel, transformer and GIS substation) as well as the top accumulation lake. The tour will conclude with lunch and wine tasting at Brda wine cellar where you’ll be able to enjoy local wines and excellent food.

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OPTION 2: Nuclear Power Plant Krško

NPP Krško is the only nuclear power plant in Slovenia. With its 730 MW of nameplate capacity it is the most important and the largest Slovenian production unit for electric energy. The NPP is located 100 km southeast of Ljubljana in the city of Krško. The NPP staff is continuously training for various simulations to improve safety and operation of the plant. This tour will take you through the NPP Krško main facility. The tour will conclude at Tri Lučke restaurant which is located at the top hill above city of Krško. You’ll get the chance to enjoy amazing view of the river Sava, try delicious local cuisine and taste wines in the local wine cellar.

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