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K-LINE Insulators Limited (KLI) is a Canadian Manufacturer that specializes in Engineering and Sales of Polymer Insulators from 15 kV to 500 kV. 

Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Distribution and Transmission systems, positions KLI as a unique resource to clients.

KLI personnel are available to work hand in hand with clients to design custom insulator solutions to solve problems. We invite challenges and collaboration opportunities with industry colleagues.


Tiger Sponsors

ELES is a Slovenian TSO that ensures the safe, reliable and uninterrupted transmission of electricity. ELES is the guardian of Slovenia’s electric power transmission system, which is closely connected to the transmission networks of neighbouring countries and integrated into the European energy system.

Our responsibility is that electricity is always at hand, ensuring the consumers can meet their needs and wishes at any time.


Smart Sponsors

RTDS Simulator is the world’s benchmark for real-time power system simulation. The RTDS Simulator allowed utilities, manufacturers, and research and educational institutions to test multiple devices in a closed loop with the simulated network while easily adjusting network parameters, contingency scenarios, and device settings for the first time.

Kolektor-Etra is is the largest transformer manufacturer in Slovenia, which produces power transformers and step-up transformers of up to 500 MVA rated power and up to 420 kV rated voltage. Our focus is world-class technical innovation and delivering of high quality transformers that have low noise and low losses.

Sunny Sponsors

Kinectrics is the category leader in providing life cycle management services for the electricity industry. From initial design and type testing to operational deployment and maintenance services, Kinectrics collaborates closely with customers to ensure that utility assets perform safely, reliably throughout their entire life cycle.


IPS is at the forefront in software in advanced and reliable functionality and technology, with speed to value through rapid deployment and integration. IPS®SYSTEMS includes a product data model for electrical power systems, which forms a library of assets maintained and updated for all Customers worldwide, making implementations easier and faster.


Associated Sponsors

Elektroinštitut Milan Vidmar (EIMV) is the leading Slovenian engineering and scientific research organisation acting in the area of electric power engineering. Its highly trained experts prepare feasibility and implementation studies, expert reports, technological, environmental and other analyses, inspect the quality and operation of electric power systems and more. The institute also implements R&D projects on the EU (Horizon 2020) and regional levels that are evolved on various levels of sophistication encompassing the process from idea to its realisation.